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Speech Kamal Younes lawyer cassation

It is known in our profession that the most important thing for the client is his case, which must be resolved in the best possible way, in the shortest time, and in the most organized way, through a transparent and trustworthy relationship with the lawyer. However, it is important for the client to know that we live deeply and responsibly, with our heart, in every situation we undertake to give the utmost attention and valuable time to successfully complete the task undertaken or with the best possible solution. We study, consult and brainstorm with professionals in various fields to provide the most suitable solution for the client. We are confident in our performance, and therefore, the client can be sure that we belong to those people with whom he wants to consult, get a true opinion, and the best possible consultation regardless of the future relationship for the sake of justice and the interest of the client.

Kamal Younis

1. Legal advisor to many Egyptian and Arab personalities (Saudi Arabia and the UAE) who have commercial and industrial activities in Egypt.
2. He was a legal expert who was entrusted with evaluating business sector companies through the privatization process carried out by the state.
3. Legal advisor to Zamalek Club from 1998 to 2001.
4. I participated in many meetings, scientific and legal seminars, and radio and television programs, where he addressed many legal problems affecting a broad base of citizens.

Among the most famous cases:

The son of an Egyptian woman who marries a foreigner acquires the foreign nationality of the father, noting that the child is from an Egyptian father and a foreign mother, and the foundling, and whoever was born in Egypt to an Egyptian mother and whose parentage was not legally proven, obtains the Egyptian nationality, which has exacerbated this problem in a way that has become threatening many Egyptian families. . This prompted us to address it, as the Egyptian government recently began to amend legislation in a manner consistent with the rights of the son of an Egyptian woman married to a foreigner.
As a legal advisor, she participated in the establishment of an exchange company in Egypt, which included a group of senior statesmen at all economic and social levels.
Younes Law Firm, founded and led by Mr. / Kamal Younes Lawyer of Cassation and Mr. / Aladdin and Professor / Saif El Din Kamal Younes Lawyers, leads a well-organized and multidisciplinary team of experienced lawyers, breadth of experience and responsive service, which is critical to solving clients’ problems and satisfying Main business objectives.
Recent economic developments in Egypt have led to the need to develop our offices in Egypt. So our law firm has been attending and following the economic change by redeveloping itself in order to serve foreign clients with the best and fastest solutions. We have done marketing research in order to better understand the requirements and needs of clients in order to provide them with legal framework reports to facilitate understanding of each legal step that must be taken in order to set up business in Egypt.
Since business and law go hand in hand, the law firm has a strong business development team with solid experience in the business sector that collaborates with the legal department in order to provide the best legal advice to clients.
The company’s strength stems from its long-term relationships with clients which can be described as collaborative, professional and value-oriented. Our approach that contributes to success is more than natural – “Make your customers’ problems, your problem” and provide the “most appropriate” solutions through “best practices”.
With the vision of becoming one of the best law firms in the world, and while being among the best law firms in Egypt, our office lawyers and team members follow the changes and updates in laws, regulations and economy that occur in Egypt as well as follow the development and guidance of law firms around the world.
We provide professional legal, commercial, criminal, economic court and administrative advising across a broad range of practice areas, we combine technical expertise with a focus on the nuances of the commercial and regulatory environments in which our clients operate to deliver better tailored solutions for our clients.
Founder Younes is a full-service law firm that strives to provide efficient and effective legal services to clients in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the USA, meeting clients’ key business objectives and exceeding expectations. A fully dedicated team of experienced lawyers and an extended network of experts provide the utmost attention, deep interest and valuable time in order to provide the best possible solutions to the client, to become one of the most powerful full-service law firms in the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the United States of America, providing services High quality and valuable legal services to our clients locally and internationally.